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Sancho Shin- Chef of SUSI BAR 壽司吧主廚

“讓人人都能品嚐美味超值的新鮮壽司,就是加入Jimmy Chung’s 的初衷”

Sancho Shin is the chef of Sushi Bar, from South of Korea. He gradated from SUSEONG which is a well-known cooking college in Korea, and he holds bachelor’s degree in both western and oriental food. He is also a cooking instructor. Therefore, he has great sense of western style food and Asian cuisine, which combines fresh ingredients with a visual arts, creating a creative and tasty food without limit.

Sancho Shin has been a part of food and beverage industry for nearly 20 years, specializing in various cuisines and baking techniques. He has served not only in major Korean restaurants such as Green Hill of Korea, New York Bakery kr, but also Akashia-Sushi Restaurant as Chef in Poland. Five years ago, he joined into Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet.

Sushi is made by artistic and technical skills, and it could be presented in a variety of ways. However, many people to other Japanese restaurants in Ireland, they might not find fresh authentic sushi yet spend a lot of money. If you have the same experience before, welcome to Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet. It is a good place for you to taste the fresh sushi that many of you want from the experienced Korean chef, Sancho Shin.

來自韓國的壽司吧主廚Sancho Shin,畢業於知名的廚藝學院SUSEONG,不僅學習西方料理,也熱愛研究亞洲美食,擁有豐富的料理學士背景的他,持有西式、韓式料理廚師證以及教學資格,其特長為將新鮮食材融合視覺藝術,製作出創意與口感兼具的無國界料理。

Sancho Shin靠著精通各國料理以及烘焙技術,加入餐飲業近二十年,不止在韓國各大餐廳服務,如Green Hill of Korea, New York Bakery kr等,並受邀至波蘭日式餐館Akashia-Sushi Restaurant擔任大廚。五年前,他來到Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet駐點,希望每個人都能以最實惠的價格,享用精緻的道地壽司,果真引起顧客廣大迴響,還有不少人特地慕名而來。

壽司是一道極具藝術與技術的料理,呈現方式也五花八門,從食材的保存與搭配,醋飯的比例與刀功,都會影響視覺與口感,然而坊間不少愛爾蘭的日式餐廳,光點一盤生魚壽司,客人往往得付上昂貴價格,卻不見得夠新鮮道地,還不如到Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet,安心品嚐由經驗豐富的韓國主廚Sancho Shin,為您獻上最專業的壽司料理吧。



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