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Tony Shek was born in Hong Kong and decided at a young age to become a chef. At the age of fourteen, Tony left his native Hong Kong to study international cuisine. Based on Tony’s deep knowledge and experience of Chinese and Western cuisine, he has focused on blending these two gourmet styles in order to present delicious courses, pleasing many palates.  

Tony has been a chef nearly fifty years, recently opening a table d’hote restaurant in Scotland, with his Guangdong dishes producing multiple favorable reviews. In 2002, Tony establish Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet Restaurant in Scotland, with the Dublin branch opening in 2008.

At Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet Restaurant Dublin, Tony has ensured their menu reflects an international standard of excellence, with over sixty dishes available. There are over ten choices of appetizer, such as Sesame Chicken Toast, Crispy Chicken Wonton, Chicken Skewer, Prawn Crackers, and so on. You can find vaity dishes in different flavors from Thai curry to Sichuan spicy and fresh sea food, such as huge prawns and mussels. Furthermore, Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet Restaurant hosts a professional Sushi Chef, producing authentic fresh Japanese sushi daily. Vegetarian dishes and meals for specific dietary requirements can also be found in our menu.

Tony Shek,出生於香港,自幼熱愛烹飪並選擇其為一生志業,14歲即離鄉背景到海外學習各國料理,以博大精深的中華料理為基礎,融會貫通西方的美食文化,以隨時做出讓人人都能滿意的佳餚為人生目標。

投身餐飲業近50年來,他曾於蘇格蘭開立中式餐館,以粵式桌菜深受當地好評,並於2002年受邀創辦Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet Restaurant,並在2008於愛爾蘭正式展店,力求提供樣式多元、經濟實惠、物超所值的概念,讓每位客人無論來自何方,都能品嚐其精湛的手藝,並將亞洲料理在西方推向極致。


如今,Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet 在愛爾蘭,已超過十年,一路走來以堅持不變的初心,期盼用真誠的料理,滿足所有顧客的需求,誠摯邀請您與家人、好友來此享受一段美好的幸福滋味。


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