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Yu Jun –Chef 主廚


Yu Jun, a master chef from Guangxi, specialises in Cantonese, Dongbei and Sichuan cuisine. Yu Jun is not only a central component to the kitchen but the restaurant also.  According to his guests that he has cooked for around the world, he has the ability to adjust the chosen dish perfectly to their pallet.

“The enjoyment I gain from cooking is incredible. As long as the guests say it’s delicious, it’s the happiest thing in my life!” Yu Jun said.

Yu Jun has been in the restaurant business for nearly 30 years. Prior to being apart of the Jimmy Chung team, Yu Jun worked in Guangzhou New Asia Hotel and the Kunming Jinhua Hotel as a Food / Beverage & Services Manager. In 2008, he has joined the Jimmy Chung’s, immediately pleading with the kitchen staff to use less salt and no MSG.

“I sincerely enjoy providing a high level of service with healthy delicious food. People experience happiness through food.” Yu Jun

Yu Jun advocates the best seasoning should let fresh food reveal its original or inner flavor. For instance, the sweet corn soup served the Jimmy Chung’s, only has very little salt and sugar, to reveal the flavor of sweet corn itself. Even Yu Jun’s signature dessert, coconut milk jelly and mango jelly, must be made fresh every day. Customers have even been known to offer to purchase the recipe. Chef Yun has always believed, a true chef must place their heart and soul into their cooking. Only then can customers been assured of quality food”

With the arrival of the New Year, a second floor in Jimmy Chung’s restaurant will open to the general public. The new second floor restaurant will serve Cantonese dim sum only. At special events, like wedding dinners, a professional chef will cook and for the guests at their table. Once your meal has been enjoyed, you can pick up a mic a sing along to one of your favorite karaoke songs.

來自廣西的主廚Yu Jun,精通粵菜、東北菜與川菜等各大美食,講求精亦求精、是餐廳內的靈魂人物,舉凡廚房內的大小事務,都由他與創辦人一手管理, 務必提供客人最新鮮、豐富多元的菜色,並根據不同文化背景的客人,調整出最恰當的口味,短短時間內即能做出五道料理,其工夫令人驚歎。

“做廚師是一種享受,只要客人說好吃,就是人生最快樂的事!”Yu Jun踏進餐飲界近30年來,閱歷豐富,曾服務於廣州新亞酒店,以及昆明錦華大酒店擔任餐飲管理一職等,2008年正式加入Jimmy Chung’s團隊,一路走來,訴求少鹽、無味精的烹飪原則服務大眾,真心期盼以健康又美味的佳餚,讓人在食物中體會幸福。




隨著新年度來臨,餐館二樓將正式增設粵式點心坊,並開放婚宴包場與團體訂桌,由專業主廚按顧客需求,提供物超所值的中式合菜與精緻煲湯,店內亦有卡拉OK歡唱設備,希望每位來訪Jimmy Chung’s的客人永遠都能賓至如歸。


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